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  • Kato Turntable controller Rev 3 is done!
    Now smooth DCC compatibility with any DCC system, updated OLED Display, retains direct key pad control and features Loconet feedback of track position. Also added 180 degree flip option! Thanks to a great deal of collaborative effort by Fred Downing from Calgary!. Check it out.
  • Adding sound to F7A the easy way !
    The WVD Loksound 5 micro adapter is a lifesaver!!. Allows for a board replacement simple workflow which accepts a Loksound Micro 5 and still leaves room for a small speaker. Caution the LED output is not protected by a resistor so retain the resistor soldered across the LED leads on the original board. More details can be found at the manufacturer’s website.
  • The Canadian National Trans-Continental
  • Turntable is installed and tested!
  • Kato Turntable Controller is nearly done !
    I have finished the major part of the development of the Turntable controller. [embedyt][/embedyt] Developed based on Clement Chan’s project. I have added a few key features: 1. Features a more reliable keyboard 2. Developed on Arduino Mega 2560, to allow for future expansion. 3. Built in FRAM storage for recording turntable position thus retaining its last location in memory and allowing for synchronization with a DCC controller. 4. The controller pairs with an Arduino based decoder using … Read MoreKato Turntable Controller is nearly done !
  • Electrical Cabinet
    Designing my own DC and DCC power cabinet : And the control panels milled from Acrylic with my freshly assembled Shapeoko3
  • A journey driven by the hobby !
    On a recent trip to Japan I was able to visit the Kyoto Rail Museum and of course the Kato Hobby Center in Shinjuku Tokyo !  
  • Electrical buses are going in !
    My very own Tower of Hanoi – spools of 18G Automotive wire. And now one side is done. At this point DCC and DC are both distributed along the back end of the bench work and there are feeds to each slide out panel. You will notice I am crimping spade terminals, if you want to see the proper crimping method (yes there a right way to do this !) watch this video. If you want part numbers here … Read MoreElectrical buses are going in !
  • Benchwork progress
    The benchwork for the layout is almost complete ! I will start with electrical buses soon. The DC power to the layout will come from ATX power supplies.
  • The Layout Begins
    As the layout comes together I will post updates here and welcome comments.