The Layout Begins !

Track plan in SCARMĀ®

Milen Peev of SCARM was kind enough to share this on the SCARM blog. Link here.


I was not a fan of the idea of making electrical connections underneath the layout, which could mean a painful crick in the neck. SO after a lot of brainstorming I used Coffee Table hinges from Amazon inverted – with the springs voided, making it possible to work on under layout electronics without breaking one’s neck!

And uxcell Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture Door Gate Spring Latch 3.3 Inch also from Amazon to hold the panel locked.

Lots of angles and miters :

But in the end it is coming together!

Electronics : DC Power for accessories.

DC power for accessories will be supplied from a pair of ATX power supplies. But first a 6 wire bus will be laid along the sections with a terminal block at each pull out accessory shelf. The six wires are DCC L Rail, DCC R Rail, Ground, 12V, 5 V and 3.3 V.

And the Electronics and control cabinet:

Power strip and ATX Supplies are in the lowest drawer.

The front panel was milled from 3 mm acrylic.

And the finished cabinet :